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The Newsroom was launched in 2022 as a partnership between Marianne Combs and Georgia Fort designed to transform the local media landscape. It evolved and became a trusted source by community, our media partners and other news outlets.

Our stories are distributed by multiple community media outlets

Our team of experienced reporters are dedicated to reporting on stories that examine the injustices of the world and bring attention to overlooked voices. We provide comprehensive coverage of issues facing Black and brown communities, using our cultural expertise to select stories that are timely and significant. Our reporters work tirelessly to ensure their stories make an impact, and their efforts have been immeasurable in terms of raising awareness and sparking meaningful conversations. Not only do we publish their stories through our radio station but we distribute them among our media partners. This collective, grassroots approach to news sharing is disrupting and decentralizing the power held by traditional outlets.

Distributed by

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Funded by

Rooted Philinthropic

2022-2023 funds supported general operations & our radio station.

Saint Paul Foundation

In 2023 funds were allocated to support general operations.

Minneapolis Foundation

We received support for our general operating expenses in 2023 and 2022.

Midwest Emmys

We received support to purchase equipment for our reporters in 2023.

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