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AG Ellison opens investigation into 52 student debt collection companies

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison speaks at a community engagement session. (Elijah Todd-Walden/Center for Broadcast Journalism).

Minnesota's Attorney General opened an investigation into 52 student debt companies last month, accusing them of violating multiple Minnesota laws and not registering in the state.

“So the kind of core of it is, they are certainly at first and foremost not registered [with the state of Minnesota], as required by Minnesota law,” Brian Evans, Ellison’s press secretary, said. “And secondly, offering debt forgiveness programs they're simply not able to offer.”

The penalties for these companies is a fine of up to $25,000 per violation, while also covering attorney’s fees and injunctive relief.

The attorney general’s office advises borrowers to look for the following red flags when being approached by student loan scammers:

  • Promises of immediate loan forgiveness or cancellation.

    • Student loan debt relief companies have no ability to forgive your student loans. Any changes to federal student-loan repayment plans will be made through one of the government’s official loan servicers.

  • Asking you to sign a power of attorney form.

  • High up-front fees to apply to loan-repayment programs.

  • Pressures you into acting immediately by instilling a sense of urgency.

    • Phrases may include “Call Now!” “Get Your Student Loans Forgiven Now!” “Guaranteed Results!” or “Savings Plan Available for a Limited Time Only!”

  • Statements about relationships with the government.

  • Requests for a student’s Federal Student Aid username and password for services.

    • The U.S. Department of Education advises borrowers against sharing their account log-in credentials.

“Our first priority in resolving any illegal actions is obtaining restitution for consumers harmed by these practices so that they are made whole,” Evans wrote in an email.

Ellison’s office is also concerned that the companies in question might have put borrowers into harmful forbearance or repayment plans, and urges those borrowers to contact their loan services and the Federal Student Aid office.

The phone number for the AG’s office is (651) 296-3353 for the Twin Cities metro area and (800) 657-3787 for greater Minnesota.

The list of companies under investigation are below.

  1. 77 Elite LLC

  2. ABS (A Better Solution) Student Loans

  3. Allied Enrollment Centers LLC

  4. Allied Financial Services

  5. Alum Financial LLC, aka Grads Financial

  6. Alumni Help Center

  7. Alumni Support Center

  8. American Doc Prep, Inc.

  9. American Processing Support

  10. Amerifed Doc Prep, LLC

  11. Certified Enrollment Center

  12. Client Processing Services

  13. Cornerstone Doc Pre

  14. Criner Financial Group LLC

  15. Debt Relief Assistance Plus

  16. Documents Done Right

  17. Docupros, aka United Specialists

  18. Education Financial

  19. ENM Consulting Services LLC

  20. Fed Pro, aka Fed Help LLC

  21. Federal Document Assistance Center LLC

  22. Federal Document Preparation Services LLC

  23. Federal Student Loan Doc Prep LLC

  24. Financial Student Services LLC

  25. First Fidelity Services LLC, aka Mabak Enterprises LLC

  26. Freedom Financial Aid

  27. Graduate Doc Center

  28. Liberty Student Loan Forgiveness

  29. Loan Forgiveness Enrollment Center

  30. Marketing Services

  31. National Budget Planners of South Florida, Inc.

  32. National Debt Education Relief

  33. National Debt Relief LLC

  34. National Student Loan Relief, aka My Payment Help Center LLC

  35. Network 46, Inc.

  36. Processing Direct, aka Student Loan Processing Direct

  37. Riverwalk Financial Corporation

  38. Skyway Financial Group

  39. SL Finance

  40. Student Advisors

  41. Student Loan & Savings, aka CT Financial Services

  42. Student Loan Doc

  43. Student Loan Financial Assistance LLC, aka NextStep Financial Debt Settlement LLC

  44. Student Prep Center, aka Common Key

  45. Student Renew LLC

  46. Students Service Center

  47. Unified Document Services LLC

  48. United Students of America

  49. US Debt Relief

  50. U.S. Financial, aka Graduate Resource Network

  51. US Processing Solutions, aka TWZII, Inc.

  52. USA Student Debt Relief

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