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Artist Darius Dotch didn’t let the pandemic slow him down

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Jack of all trades Darius Dotch is a professional actor, hip-hop rapper and now fitness trainer and podcaster. Dotch, who lives in St. Paul, discovered his new passions while stuck in the house during the pandemic lockdown.

Dotch says the pandemic sparked a lot inside of him. Theaters weren't open which meant he was out of work.

“Having nothing to do, being someone that is used to working hard, to having something to look forward to - all of that was taken away from everybody,” said Dotch. “I had bouts with depression, I was drinking way more than I used to, I started to let my physical fitness decline a little bit and you know, I made a decision and you know what, I can't continue to do this, like I'm tired of feeling this way - let's do something about it.”

Dotch says being inside listening to other podcasts boosted his spirit and motivated him to start fitness training.

“Everybody - including myself - we all went through our own mental struggles, our mental obstacles, and hurdles,” said Dotch. “I started focusing on my mindset and I realized the things I was focusing on were really working – the things I was doing, the podcast I was listening to, the people that I would follow, the things I would look up.”

Dotch says he initially started the podcast with the intention to help members of his fitness class, but then later realized that he should open it up to the public.

“These are things that I myself implement into my life and I see the change and the positive impact that it's having on my life and I think it's something everyone else can benefit from,” he said.

Dotch says he’s still developing his workout and podcast business. In the meantime, theaters have opened back up and he’s acting again. Up next he’s performing in the play “SWEAT” at the Guthrie Theater, which opens July 16.

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