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Black mother creates business to honor, inspire daughter

Milwaukee-based entrepreneur Chloe Longmire was in town recently for the “Follow Black Women” conference. She was there in part to promote her business “Chase My Creations,” which is named after her daughter Chase. She says she created the business to show her daughter that it’s okay to be bold and unapologetic in her Blackness.

“I think Black women are the backbone of this country, of this world,” Chloe said. “And that's who we really need to focus on. Traditionally, we have been disrespected - we have not been protected. We have not been supported, despite our relentless and unwavering efforts to nurture and be everything and provide everything for other people. And I think it's time for that to be reciprocated. And I want her to know that it's okay to speak up for that. That's definitely the motivation behind what I do.”

Chase My Creations features a variety of apparel centered in bold statements that address racism, empower women and support LGBTQ pride. Chloe says her favorite is the message “BLK WMN ROC.”

“It embodies everything that I stand for. It embodies the mission and the vision for my business,” she explained. “It's definitely a pillar in terms of all the merchandise that I have because it shows that we do rock. And it’s for anybody! A lot of people think like, oh, well, is this just for Black women? Like, can I wear this as a white woman? Can I wear this as a white man? And I think it's for everybody because you can stand in consort with Black women, and I think that's powerful.”

In addition to clothing, Chase My Creations also offers mugs, tote bags and stickers featuring messages like “Don’t Be Racist” and “BLCK PPL ROC.”

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