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Breaking: Former Georgia Prosecutor is Indicted for Violation of Oath in Ahmaud Arbery Case

Former Georgia district attorney, Jackie Johnson, has been indicted for violating her oath taken in office to commit acts of honesty in regards to Ahmaud Arbery, who was fatally shot while jogging in Glynn County, Georgia.

The tragedy occured last year, February 23rd, when unarmed Arbery was pursued by three white males–two, who were father and son. Gregory and Travis McMichael, the father-son duo, followed Arbery in a pick-up truck, armed, with backup William “Roddie” Bryan following behind, recording Arbery’s murder.

Despite the three men being indicted, they had support in the court. Actually, Glynn County Police and Brunswick District Attorney’s Office left the public confused, as fingers were being pointed on both sides regarding who was responsible for the lack of urgent action.

Glynn County Police stated that Brunswick District Attorney’s Office suggested they make no arrests, which is what was publicly denied by BDAO. But now, almost two years later, Jackie Johnson, former Brunswick Judicial Circuit prosecutor, is being called out for lack of honesty.

Johnson offered grace to father Gregory McMichael, who was a retired police officer that used to work with her on investigations. Son of her former colleague, Travis McMichael, who fatally shot Arbery three times, was shown favor by Johnson–resulting in her current indictment.

Jackie Johnson is currently facing accusations of  “improperly blocking an arrest.” Which is referring to the arrest of Travis McMichael, who would, in a typical case, go away for a lot of time. The indictment stating she failed “to treat Ahmaud Arbery and his family fairly and with dignity,”

The three men are still awaiting their October trial date. The men have all been charged with hate crimes, which Arbery’s family has expressed gratitude for. Though, some feel William Bryan, the man responsible for the video recording, deserves to be free–despite Bryan facing accusations of running Arbery over with his vehicle before catching up with Greg and Travis McMichael.

As we approach the trial, will Jackie Johnson’s actions raise the chances of justice for Ahmaud and the Arbery family?

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