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Community church opens low cost immigrant support

Christina Suos, DOJ Accredited Legal Representative, pictured with colleague Emily Tellez, DOJ Accredited Legal Representative and Jourdan Suos, Site Director and DOJ Accredited Legal Representative. (Courtesy of the Immigrant Connection Mosaic)

The Immigrant Connection Mosaic is a new immigration legal services provider based in St. Paul’s East Side. Immigrant Connection Mosaic is located inside the Mosaic Christian Community church. Legal Representative Christina Suos says it was always a part of the church's mission to serve its diverse communities.

“Everybody has just such a unique story, regardless of where they come from. And we can learn so much from what people went through to get to where they are today,” said Suos. “We celebrate immigrants, we celebrate the different experiences that they have. I think it's those experiences that really shape who we are, and what society can be. And I think that's just kind of what we're hoping for as an organization. People just want to share their stories and be heard, and to know that somebody cares. I think that's all most people want out of connections.”

In December of 2022, the Department of Justice approved the church to offer low-cost immigration legal services. The Immigrant Connection Mosaic offers consultations and can help people apply for green cards, visas and citizenship. But they can not serve in court. Suos says if court is necessary for a client, they will be partnered with an attorney or an alternative partner.

“We put all of our efforts into getting all the training that we could – taking all the classes, shadowing attorneys and people that've been in this field,” she said. “We're here to mobilize people. We want to be a place where we can say, ‘Hey, I hear you, I see you, and I want to help you in any way possible.’ If we can help people feel like they belong to a community - that’s all we want to do. And if along the way we can help them with immigration services… then that's even better.”

The Immigrant Connection Mosaic offices are currently open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every third Saturday of the month. Suos says since they received notice of the approval, the organization has already had an impact.

“Our very first clients have interviews to become US citizens today, so things are progressing very fast.” Suos continues. “The Immigrant Connection Mosaic has been a dream of ours for the last eight years. Really 10 years, because that's when the church first started. We are just so thankful for the people within our community who have helped us along the way.”

Suos says she can’t wait to see the long term impact of supporting neighbors in truly feeling at home.

The organization soft-launched in February, but is hosting a grand opening from 4-5pm on August 1. Mosaic Christian Community is located at 540 E. Wheelock Parkway in St. Paul. There will be a ribbon cutting, speakers, and light refreshments. You can find more information here.

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