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Community members celebrate Northside pride

(Courtesy of Northside Vibe)

The Northside Vibe is a five day cultural event curated by local artist and North Minneapolis resident Joe Davis. Each evening the event offers a session to engage with community experts on a particular topic.

Davis says the Northside Vibe event is an act of “narrative justice,” fighting back against negative stereotypes about the predominantly Black neighborhood.

“There's a lot of false narratives that get perpetuated—the dominant narrative patterns that are out there. That's why I'm a big advocate for narrative justice and speaking our truth. And speaking it loudly, proudly, as powerfully as we possibly can.”

The series includes conversations on cultural storytelling, health and wellness, community gardening, public safety, and business and entrepreneurship.

“I thought to myself, you could literally have a PhD level education just by listening to folks in the community. Just by having conversations with each other.” said Davis. “There's such a wealth of wisdom and resources already here. You just gotta you gotta be here. You gotta just luxuriate in the richness, the abundance that's here.”

Davis says he was able to apply for a grant through Mixed Blood Theater’s 12x12 program to curate the event. 12X12 partners with Twin Cities artists doing work in the neighborhoods they reside in that reflects the community. All the artists will come together at the end of summer for a performance festival.

“I've been wanting to do this for a long time,” said Davis.

Alongside community experts, Northside Vibe will feature DJ Drunken Monkee, live painting by Sean G. Phillips, and open mic sessions. The event runs daily May 8 through May 13 (with the exception of May 9), 6-9pm at the Northside Artist Lofts at 229 N Irving Avenue.

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