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Como Park High School Students walkout over alleged discrimination from faculty

Students at Como Park Senior High School walked out of classes Wednesday morning after students reported racist and antagonistic behavior by faculty and staff towards students.

Students allege that teachers and administrative staff are unfairly targeting students of color for infractions that their white peers get away with. They also allege that the administration has not intervened when students faced racism or sexism from their peers in school.

An Arab student at the school said they have been called a “terrorist and a bomber on multiple occasions.”

A major factor in the decision to walk out is the school’s escort policy, which students claim is applied in a racially discriminatory way. The escort policy demands that students must be escorted to the restroom by a member of Como Park Senior High staff. The school claims it is in place for the safety of the students. Students at the walkout demanded that the school end the policy. Como Park Senior High did not respond when reached out for a comment.

In advance of the walkout, an audio clip of Como Park High Principal Kirk Morris was leaked in which he said it would not happen. “A walkout is not going to happen on December 7 at Como Park Senior High School,” Morris said, “I have not approved that, it’s not going to happen.”

A member of the St. Paul School Board was present at the walkout and urged students to write a petition.

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