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Como Park Senior High School locked down after false reports of an active shooter

Como Park Senior High School was locked down Thursday afternoon after someone called the St. Paul Police Department and claimed that there was an active shooter in the building.

Distraught parents rushed to the school only to find they could not get their children out of the building due to the school's active shooter policies.

"I don't think it is possible for us to know how this will affect them in the future," Kristin Morant, whose two daughters go to the school, said, "This constant fear and the trauma of being afraid that maybe somebody's coming into the room to kill them? It makes me sick."

Students were locked inside their classrooms as well-armed police officers scoured the school for a shooter that was not there. Parents stood just outside the door worriedly texting their children for updates on the situation.

"One of my daughters is afraid to come to school," Morant said, "She doesn't want to do any kind of extracurricular activities here because of fear."

Stacy Austin, whose son goes to Como Park Senior High also said her son doesn't want to come to school either.

"It's getting really nerve-wracking," Austin said.

Parents said this is the third or fourth time a warning has been sent to parents about a threat on campus.

The lockdown came just a day after students walked out of the high school in protest over what they say is racist discrimination by staff.

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