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Family of Ricky Cobb meet with MN Gov. Tim Walz

Still from the squad car recording the attempted arrest that led to Ricky Cobb II's death. (Via the Minnesota Department of Public Safety)

The family of Ricky Cobb II attended a private meeting with Minnesota Governor Tim Walz Wednesday evening. Neither side has spoken about what was discussed behind closed doors.

Cobb was pulled over ten days ago for not having his tail lights turned on as he drove on Interstate 94. The State Troopers on scene found he had violated a protection order in Ramsey County, and told him to step out of his car. Cobb questioned the officers, who then tried to open the car doors and attempted to pull him out. The incident ended with one officer – Ryan Londregan – shooting and killing Cobb.

Activists, political leaders, and communities across the Twin Cities immediately condemned the event. In the immediate aftermath, his family called for the firing and the charging of the officers involved.

The troopers involved in the shooting have been put on administrative leave, and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has given itself 60 days to conduct its investigation. Once the investigation is concluded, the results will be delivered to the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office for a charging decision.

Gov. Walz has stated previously that people should trust the results of the BCA’s investigation.

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