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Forreal Coffeehouse works to dismantle systemic economic barriers

Before opening Forreal Coffeehouse, co-founder Disney Foote worked in real estate. In exchange for work at the coffeehouse, employees are offered a real estate internship structured around their personal economic goals.

“Our objective is to go beyond coffee and to use beverages and coffee in the space itself as a meeting point,” Disney explained. “We want to create a more in depth opportunity for people to work in, and on themselves beyond just giving and providing the space. So that looks like mentorship for people who are looking for entrepreneurship guidance, people who are looking for financial literacy guidance, or people who are looking for just a platform to do whatever they're doing. Anywhere from art that we can put in coffee table books (to) treats (from) local people who are licensed to sell food, we can collaborate with them on pushing their products to the store.”

Disney says she and her cofounder are holding space on a site of historical impact while offering financial opportunities outside of traditional systems.

“The big mission is to grow from just the pain,” said Disney. “We recently had our grand opening, which was May 25, and the two-year anniversary of George Floyd's murder. Two years ago, everyone had something to say, everyone had an opinion, and people were angry. We realized our mission is to provide a space where we can keep that same energy because that energy is right. But now it's time to rebuild.”

Disney Foote says she wants Forreal Coffeehouse to be a place where people can learn the skills they need to build wealth for themselves, their families, and their children.

Reporting for BLCK Press, I’m Jasmine McBride.

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