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Man Speaks out about “Murder in Progress” Joke by Cop Video

A 23-year-old man posted a video of an interaction he had with a Brooklyn Park Police Officer which caused outrage within the community located just ten minutes from where George Floyd was killed.

In the video originally posted to James’ Instagram page you can hear the officer say “5-1-19 Murder in Progress.”

The Brooklyn Park Police Department says the incident took place in 2017 but James Mccaskel who recorded the footage said it happened recently.

It’s a mockery of all the Black people that has died, all the minority people that’s died because of Police,” says James.

The Brooklyn Park Police Department issued a Statement after Independent Journalist Georgia Fort emailed their PIO requesting an interview. Below you will see the email they sent to her which was later posted to their Facebook page.


In addition to the discrepancies of when this happened, James says he also disagrees with their statement that says the officer was pretending to respond to another call.

“After he says murder in progress, he says I’m having fun over here. He was talking about us.”

According to the Brooklyn Park Police Department the officer is still employed at their department. No disciplinary actions have been taken but this incident is still under investigation. They also confirmed that there is 28-minute video from the officer’s body camera of this encounter. Independent Journalist Georgia Fort made a request for that footage, she also requested the officers personnel file to determine if the officer had previous complaints. Her email was responded to with an “out-of-office” response by the departments administrative assistant.

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