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Minneapolis Mayor proposes $1.8 billion budget

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey proposed a $1.8 billion dollar budget for the 2024-2025 biennium on Tuesday afternoon.

Frey says the budget is meant to innovate new programs in the city and support existing government services. It also takes aim at enacting some of the police reform efforts that were mandated by the Minnesota Department of Human Rights settlement earlier this year.

"This investment will go toward every part of the process to fundamentally change the way policing is done in Minneapolis," Frey said.

Frey says $16 million of the budget is earmarked to implement the sweeping changes in the Minneapolis Police Department. The budget is also set to invest $2.9 into the Behavioral Crisis Response program and $1 million on portable cameras in high crime areas.

Another $720,000 is set for community engagement and art preservation at George Floyd Square.

Frey is proposing $18 million for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, and another $4 million for the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority. He also proposes $10 million annually to the Minneapolis Climate Legacy initiative, which aims to weatherize homes and improve the city's tree canopy.

Further, he’s proposing $3 million to the Ownership and Opportunity Fund to invest in BIPOC small business owners, and $470,000 for new Public Works equipment that will repair potholes faster.

The city release of the budget can be found here. Public hearings on the budget will start in September.

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