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Minneapolis settles with family of slain Chaisher Vue

The Minneapolis City Council passed a motion Thursday morning to settle with the family of Chiasher Vue, 52, who was shot and killed by Minneapolis Police in 2019.

Vue was killed after officers responded to a domestic abuse call at his Minneapolis home. Vue exited the home with a firearm and shot at officers before police fired more than 60 rounds into him and his home.

“How many bullets went through this house?” Vue’s cousin said at a vigil for Vue in 2019. “My cousin did not deserve this.“There were people inside the house when the shooting took place.”

The $700,000 lawsuit is not for the death of Vue, but rather the officers’ treatment of four of his seven children, including his son Benjamin, who was the one who made the initial call to police. U. S. District Court Judge Ann Montgomery ruled that the officers unconstitutionally detained the children without reasonable suspicion or probable cause, in violation of their Fourth Amendment rights.

An investigation by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension cleared all eight officers of wrongdoing in Vue’s death.

Police released the disciplinary history of the officers involved in 2019.

  • Troy Carlson: six complaints, two of which led to suspensions.

  • Donnell Crayton: four complaints, all closed without discipline.

  • Kyle Pond: Eight complaints, three of which were open at the time of the shooting.

  • Travis Williams: 16 complaints, all closed without discipline.

  • Aaron Womble: Two complaints closed without discipline.

  • Toua Yang: Seven complaints, all closed without discipline.

  • Jason Wolff: Nine complaints, with one open at the time of the shooting.

  • Daniel Ledman: five complaints, one that was open at the time of the shooting, one that concluded with a letter of reprimand, and the rest closed without discipline.

The settlement is the latest in a string of settlements Minneapolis has had to pay for misconduct from its officers, with over $37 million being paid out over the past two years.

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