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Reviving Roots offers holistic care in South Mpls

Marlee James, founder of Reviving Roots Therapy and Wellness, poses for a photo (Courtesy of Reviving Roots Therapy and Wellness)

Reviving Roots Therapy and Wellness is a newly opened healing space that focuses on offering Black people the mental health support they need to thrive.

Founder and mental health therapist Marlee James says she wants to “work herself out of a job,” by giving people the tools and skills to care for their own mental health. James says Reviving Roots Wellness and Therapy is part of her plan to create an ecosystem of self-actualization for Black folk.

“We're really trying to create a space where Black folks can come together and be in community with one another, and feel like they have a place where they belong, and where they center their wellness.”

James has been a therapist for eight years, dedicated to BIPOC communities with complex trauma. James says she created Reviving Roots Therapy and Wellness in response to an overwhelming increase in demand for mental health services in 2020.

“When George Floyd happened, and when COVID happened, I got almost 100 referrals for Black folks specifically, looking for a Black therapist and a Black therapist who was social justice focused. And so I decided to narrow my focus from BIPOC to specifically Black folks.”

James says it also inspired her to innovate and expand her work. Reviving Roots Therapy and Wellness currently hosts eight offices, a community kitchen, and an event space for classes and gatherings.

“While I can't see 100 people, I can have a lot of people in a class where they can get to know what's happening in their bodies and engage with their wellness in that way,” she said.

Reviving Roots’ services include individual therapy, professional consulting, and a tiered membership program called the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary grants members access to an array of digital wellness tools, one-on-one direct care, group services and in-person events.

Reviving Roots Therapy and Wellness is soft launching this month. James says there will be a variety of events to allow the community to explore different offerings. Sanctuary memberships officially open June 1.

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