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State Patrol fatally shoots driver in pretextual stop

A still from the squad car recoding of the morning Ricky Cobb was killed. (Via the Minnesota Department of Public Safety)

Relatives and friends of 33-year-old Ricky Cobb II rallied in front of the Governor’s Mansion in St. Paul Tuesday, after Cobb was shot and killed by Minnesota State Patrol Officers early Monday morning.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety released the body cam footage of the incident, which shows Cobb asking officers why they pulled him over and why he had to step out of the car. Two officers then open his car door, with one trying to pull him out of the vehicle and another officer drawing his pistol and firing, hitting Cobb and prompting him to flee.

“Do you have a warrant?” Cobb asked one officer, who responded that they didn’t. According to Minnesota State Patrol Colonel Matt Langer, the officers had probable cause to ask Cobb to exit his vehicle.

“I'm very confused and very, very hurt,” Cobb's mother, Nyra Fields-Miller said in front of the Governor’s Mansion. “I’m hurting so incredibly badly, my heart, my soul and my body, and the impact it has on his children, on his sibling is devastating.”

After a short chase, Cobb was forced to pull over due to his injuries. Officers attempted to apply first-aid and call for a paramedic, but Cobb died shortly thereafter.

The three officers who were at the scene have been placed on administrative leave, but the DPS has not released their names. According to the State Patrol, Cobb was wanted by Ramsey County law enforcement for violating a no-contact order in a domestic case.

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