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The Wellness Paradigm fosters healing, empowerment

Kenshasha Kambui, one of the founders of the Wellness Paradigm. (Via

The Wellness Paradigm is a new healing space dedicated to helping Black and brown people reclaim their power. Kinshasha Kambui opened the Wellness Paradigm in September of this past year in the Kingfield Neighborhood of South Minneapolis. Kambui says she is committed to improving the holistic health of those who have historically been excluded from healing spaces. She says wellness is key for Black and brown people seeking to reclaim their divine power.

“The most revolutionary act that we can commit is to love ourselves, in the midst of other people hating us,” said Kambui. “And love is a powerful weapon. And the truth is, you can't stand against love, against our joy, against our innate power. We are powerful. And there's nothing that can stop the work that we came here to do.”

Kambui says she was inspired to create the Wellness Paradigm by her own experience in and out of the hospital as a young girl, after a car crash. Kambui says she had to act a certain way to receive proper care. After going to a healing space in Harlem, New York that centered Black holistic health, she felt called to work on creating safe spaces for Black people to heal.

“There are so few places that I can go to where when I come in, somebody says ‘welcome, I'm so happy that you're here,’ where someone is going to love up on me not because of any reason except for that I came through the door,” said Kambui. “We deserve that as a community. We cannot heal if we don't feel safe. Racism doesn't stop because we're ill. Racism doesn't stop because our bones are broken.”

Kambui has a Masters in Counseling, and is a Colon Hydrotherapist. The Wellness Paradigm centers Colon Hydrotherapy, along with massage and community healing events. Kambui says that by cleansing the colon, fueling it with proper nutrition, and reducing stress, the ailments that disproportionately impact the Black community in the health industry subside.

“The colon is the most emotional part of our bodies that there is,” she explained. “And so I'll just say this: our entire torso is colon, so to ignore it - you do it at your own folly. Health begins in the colon and death begins in the colon as well.”

The Wellness Paradigm is located at 4450 Nicollet Avenue South.

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