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There’s snow place like Minnesota

Workers clear the sidewalk on Ford Parkway in St. Paul after a major snowstorm blew through the city. (Elijah Todd-Walden/BLCK press)

The Twin Cities saw a major snowstorm over the past week, with over 15 inches being dropped onto streets and sidewalks.

The deluge backed up snowplows and public transit, leaving people stuck, stranded and worried that they would not be able to reach loved ones or make it to work.

”Every time a heavy snow falls, I race my dad to get the front walk shoveled,” Emeri Burks, a Minneapolis resident, said. “His urge to contribute is so great, [but] he’ll pull something attacking the snow drift in front of the driveway.”

The snow became such a problem that both Minneapolis and St Paul had to declare snow emergencies on Jan. 4. As of Friday morning, St. Paul began the clean-up phase of the snow emergency. Minneapolis is expected to have their clean-up phase last through the weekend.

For more information about the weather in the Twin Cities, visit the St. Paul or Minneapolis’s website.

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