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Women of color are making valuable connections… over brunch

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Brown Skin Brunchin’, which hosts networking events for women of color, is coming to Minneapolis on January 15. Founded in 2018, Brown Skin Brunchin' creates opportunities for minority women to expand their personal and professional circles in a fun and casual setting. Co-Founder Lillian Jackson says she was inspired by her own experience moving to a new city:

“The problem was that I really didn't know how to go out and make friends. Where do you go to make friends when you're an adult, you know? You can't go to the club - like, who's making friends in the club?” she reflected. “It was a challenge to figure out where to go and meet Black women. That’s how the concept of brunch came up.”

Jackson and her best friend started a brunch meet-up. Word spread quickly and soon other women of color were looking for women to connect with over brunch.

“Now we’re four years later in over 80 locations with over 100 ambassadors that have helped us bring this concept to reality,” said Jackson. “More than 1000 women brunch every single month just to make friends.”

Jackson encourages women to try something new; she says you never know what connections you might make.

“When we come together over brunch, we have like all spectrums at the brunch where you may have someone that’s early out their college career then you have women that are retired,” Jackson explained. “But then you're able to see different perspectives of what you can look forward to as Black women and some of the challenges they may have faced, where they can kind of prepare you and talk through some of what their experiences are.”

Brown Skin Brunchin’s Minneapolis ambassadors plan to host a brunch at The Butcher's Tale on January 15 at Noon.

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