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Transforming media to reflect the communities we serve

Our station, Power 104.7FM - WEQY, is a 100 watt radio station headquartered in the heart of Minnesota's capitol city. Known for its fresh approach to music and news, the 104.7 studios serve as both a community space dedicated to incubating podcasts and an education facility for people interested in a career in radio.

Our reporters cover stories that challenge conventional narratives and inspire community action. Those stories are distributed by our media partners in an effort to break down monopolies on information in Black and brown communities.

We provide a comprehensive suite of digital media and journalism workshops. Our expert educators will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to launch your media career or take it to the next level. 

Upcoming Classes

Summer Journalism Intensive (FULL)
Summer Journalism Intensive (FULL)
An 8 week program that consists of 4 weeks of training and a 4 week internship in a local newsroom.

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